The Izmaylovskaya Gang’s Estate In Europe

Who has stolen Russia?

The film presents a shooting of elite real estate in France and describes the schemes used by ex-mobsters to steal money from Russia and launder them in Europe. The Mafia has taken control not only over domestic industry but also over companies in several EU countries.

The names of Iskander Makhmudov and Andrey Bokarev are inextricably connected with the Izmaylovskaya gang. The criminal cases has been initiated against some of its members in several European countries. Iskander Makhmudov himself is also accused of money laundering in Spain. The capital assets of Iskander Makhmudov, Andrey Bokarev, and other co-owners of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (UMMC) has emerged with the help of strong partnership with organized crime, where the bosses of Russian armed gangs were involved into the schemes of dirty money transferring and its possessing all over the world. Through these schemes, the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company was rolled up. Brigandish traces can still be found in the Kuzbassrazrezugol setups and in numerous firms that are still working in Europe, and which today belong to the UMMC.

For example, that’s how it was.

In 2002, the British firm Roteks Industrial took stock in the UMMC. This firm is owned by two Panama’s funds, Freeworld Development Foundation and National Consulting Foundation, which are associated with a large number of criminal financial transactions involving dummy executive directors. For example, the transfer of Yanukovych’s family assets out of Ukraine, the withdrawal of Russian public money through the system of tax refunds which was investigated by Sergei Magnitsky. To realize the scale of illegal network, one can use any searching engine and enter there the names of the following dummy executive directors came from Latvia’s Parex Bank: Stan Gorin, Erik Vanagels, Juri Witman.

So, through the same scheme, the money obtained from the UMMC shares came to Russia, and with the help of them the enterprises within the holding were rolled up.

Then these shares turned out to be held by Swiss company Alpin Group, which is another part of Izmaylovskaya’s schemes. The import of frozen poultry to Russia was financed through it, the process was carried out by Soyuzcontract company. The latter was owned by Michael Cherney, Iskander Makhmudov, Oleg Deripaska, and one of the bosses of Izmaylovskaya gang Sergey Popov. Today this company is directly owned by the UMMC and is a part of the scheme through which Iskander Makhmudov and others have seized dozens of fabricating works in Europe. Through these companies, the same Swiss directors of Alpin Group and Umcor firms control the oldest metallurgic plant Montanwerke Brixlegg Aktiengesellschaft in Austria, several European enterprises producing cables, as well as French Gindre Group which is an international holding company engaged in the production of copper products.

Moreover, the appearance of some enterprises of this holding makes one think that these are just empty forms, through which the end products of the UMMC are shipped under the guise of raw materials in order to avoid paying duties.

One of the crucial witnesses of Izmaylovskaya gang case, who gave testimony in Spain and Germany, told about how the transactions involving illegal money were done through the company of Makhmudov and Bokarev. According to him, there are two flows. The first one is the money obtained from the criminal activity of Izmaylovskaya gang, from racketeering, casinos, prostitution, etc. in particular. There is also a second cash flow, the earnings from Russian natural resources sales were hidden through the firms of the UMMC and Kuzbassrazrezugol, and then they were shared between the gang members. That’s how the boss of Izmaylovskaya gang Anton Malevsky and Iskander Makhmudov controlled the coal trader KRUTrade in Austria, where all the money obtained from the Russian fuel sales was accumulated.

The UMMC owners also have bought out other European companies, such as an aircraft factory Aircraft Industries. Moreover, a few months after the UMMC emerged with the factory capital in October 2008, one of its co-owners Pavel Musela injured his head under strange circumstances when hunting and became legally incapable. Later on, in 2011, the brother of Pavel Musela took hostage the entire Board of Directors, shot down other Czech shareholders, having driven out of the hall the UMMC representatives, Oleg Meliukhov and Vladimir Kolotushkin, beforehand. In 2013, the UMMC consolidated 100% stock of shares of the Czech aircraft manufacturer.

The financial empire of Iskander Makhmudov, Andrey Bokarev, and other UMMC co-owners covers more than 10 European countries, and they chose to settle themselves in France. Here Iskander Makhmudov has two castles with a few acres of land, one on the Côte d’Azur, the other in the legendary French hunting grounds Xuan Sologne. Andrei Bokarev has an apartment in Paris and also two houses, both near Saint-Tropez, close to Iskander Makhmudov’s landed property. A bit to the south of the Côte d’Azur, near Cannes, there are the houses of two other UMMC top managers, Igor Kudryashkin and Eduard Chukhlebov.

Just a couple of dozen kilometers to the south, which is already in Italy, there is Iskander Makhmudov’s yacht called Predator.

That’s how the copartners of Izmaylovskaya gang became the owners of Russian steel and coal giants, transport and engineering companies. They joined the ranks of Rottenberg and Timchenko’s successors, having bought out their active assets to avoid sanctions. That’s how supernovyje russkije (supernew Russians) have arised, which emerged in the Mafia underworld and became the key state entrepreneurs of Russia.


The map of the setups affiliated with the UMMC and its owners in Europe


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The legend:

  • Lilac arrows ― direct control
  • Lilac dashed arrows ― control over the chain of companies not mentioned in the scheme
  • Black arrows ― real estate
  • Red arrows ― personal direct control
  • A green arrow ― shares or money transfer
  • A yellow dashed line ― a top-manager
  • Objects in black boxes ― closed companies
  • Objects in green boxes ― real estate
  • White objects in blue boxes ― the offshore companies that are geographically outside Europe

* The schemes related to Transmashholding company are not included in the map

** The numerous Cyprus firms through which the ownership of a number of the UMMC enterprises is carried out are not marked on the map

French Estate of the owners of UMMC

Iskander Makhmudov







Andrey Bokarev 



SCI SERENITY CAPITAL (money transfert)



BEL’OMBRE SCI (transfert of 30 millions Euro)

Igor Kudryashkin


Eduard Chukhlebov



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